How to Swim through Life's Biggest Waves with Swimwear Designer and Author Jennifer Weisman

Power of Fashion - "One Decision can Change your Life!"

Are you struggling with adversity or looking for more motivation? Then today's empowering podcast guests' testimony is a must! "On the fast track to startup success, a car speeding through a crosswalk jeopardized everything she’d built in a split second..." She had to do more than reinvent the boardshort. She had to reinvent herself. - excerpt from today's guest, author, and designer of Just Bones Boardwear, Jennifer Weisman.

In today's episode, host & image coach Tara Patten interviews Jennifer Weisman about her journey in entrepreneurship and how a split-second decision gave her renewed purpose and meaning in her life to continue to make waves in the world of swimwear fashion. Jennifer is an inspirational author and encourages her readers to take control of their lives instead of letting life take control of them.


Ep 194| The Fashion of Success Sink or Swimwear | Guest: Jennifer Weisman

Authentic Talks 2.0 with Shanta

On this Episode of Authentic Talks 2.0 we are talking about Success as an Entrepreneur with Author of Sink or Swimwear, Jennifer Berk Weisman. Jennifer if the CEO of Just Bones Boardwear since 2011. We talk about the journey that lead her to create a swim line and how "NO" was not the final answer. She talks about protecting her intellectual property and the process of getting a patent and shares how quickly she was in tradeshows. She shares her advice and why you should go for it if you are considering starting a business.

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Sink or Swimwear with Jennifer Berk Weisman

Aging GreatFULLy with Holley Kelley

Imagine being on the fast track to startup success when a car speeding through a crosswalk jeopardized everything you’d built in a split second! That’s what happened to today’s Aging GreatFULLy guest, author of Sink or Swimwear, Jennifer Berk Weisman, owner of Just Bones Boardwear, a swim apparel company.

And for those who may question if they have what it takes to hang in there when life’s Riptides try to sweep them away—if they should sink or swim -- she answers the question for them -- and reminds them that they too are born swimmers like her, and NEVER quitters! Having faced misfortune on both a personal and professional level, Jennifer’s message echoes one of grit and fortitude and even how when life changes your course, or even changes you – perhaps you have to reinvent yourself, adapt accordingly and show up fiercer than ever before!

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Trauma + The Edge of Becoming

Unleash Your Soul Song // The Intune Podcast // Spirituality | Self Knowledge | Change | Personal Growth | Taking Action

What does it look like when just as you begin to embrace the edge of becoming a traumatic accident happens? Do you keep going, and if so, how? That’s what we’re talking about on today’s episode with Jennifer Weisman, founder of Just Bones Boardwear.

On her journey from stay-at-home mom to innovative entrepreneur surviving unexpected adversity, Jennifer conquered every obstacle with a fierce determination to succeed.

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Just Bones Boardwear Founder Jennifer Weisman Tells Her Story

Nobody Knows Your Story

On September 15, 2012, Jennifer Weisman's life changed, forever. On the fast track to startup success, a car speeding through a crosswalk jeopardized everything she’d built in a split second. Constantly battling life-altering trauma, PTSD, a traumatic brain injury, and the cutthroat fashion industry, the Just Bones Boardwear founder refused to let the accident define her and steal her identity. As Jennifer talks about her growing up in Florida, and meeting husband Russell, she also tells how she went from being a stay-at-home Mom of twin boys, to starting her own business.

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Ep. #60 - Jennifer Berk Weisman Shares How Her Life Changed in a Split Second and How She has Been Able to Overcome and Thrive

Soraya -Be Convinced! Sharing Lifechanging Stories of Hope

My guest is Jennifer Berk Weisman, a successful fashion designer and entrepreneur, now author, who shares her heartfelt story of persevering through very difficult physical, emotional, and mental challenges after she was hit by a speeding car as she was crossing in a crosswalk. Jennifer inspires you with her journey to recovery and how she has been able to successfully manage her growing business as well as her family life while having to overcome the added challenges of PTSD. Her book titled Sink or Swimwear – My Crazy Days as an Entrepreneur, Surviving Life, PTSD and a Cutthroat Industry will have you cheering for her on every page!

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